The Leadership Committee behind Spark CG Society and Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH is composed of highly dedicated individuals who possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. Each team member plays a pivotal role in driving the society’s mission forward, contributing their unique skills and knowledge. With their shared passion for computer graphics and unwavering commitment to excellence, they collaborate closely to cultivate a thriving community and spearhead the advancement of CG. Together, they form a dynamic force that propels Spark CG Society towards its goals and fosters innovation within the industry.

Alyssa Zárate Art Director beloFX
Amy Tang Supervising Producer Mainframe Studios
Brenda Gilbert President & Co-Founder BRON Media Corp
Brian Iankovs Production Manager DNEG
Chris van Dyck TBA N/A
Craig Natsuhara Partner EY Law LLP
Daniel Mandina Animator The Embassy
David Burgess Animation Supervisor Animal Logic
Dennis Hoffman Production VFX Producer Universal Pictures
Diogenes Ostuni Concept Artist Independent
Henrique Reginato Owner & VFX Supervisor NOX Visual Effects
Ivan Aguilar PhD Student Simon Fraser University
Jason Elliott Lecturer Centre for Digital Media
Jessica Glass Department Manager, Production Technology DNEG
Jinko Gotoh Producer Independent
Justin Marmulak Production Coordinator Animal Logic
Keith Blackmore Sr Lecturer Vancouver Film School
Ling Chiu Filmmaker Independent
Marina Antunes President Spark CG Society
Mindy Johnson Author & Historian CalArts, Drexel University, Self-Employed
Rose-Ann Tisserand Co-Founder & Producer Flying Kraken Creative Studios
Sang Mah Consultant Credo2
Sepp Sonntag VAD Supervisor Pixomondo
Sly Provencher Executive Director Spark CG Society
Tony Tsai Sr Lighter & Compositor ICON Creative Studio
Zoe Cranley Head of CG beloFX

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