July 14, 2018

Museum of Vancouver
Vanier Park
1100 Chestnut Street
Vancouver, Canada

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July 14, 2018

Please note that this screening is at the Museum of Vancouver, in Vanier Park at 1100 Chestnut Street.

In VIFF’s contribution to Indian Summer festivities, we are delighted to sponsor this free screening of Nina Paley’s fantastic animated riff on the ancient Hindu epic The Ramayana at the Museum of Vancouver in Vanier Park.

This is an eye-popping adventure, mixed in with wittily rueful personal reflection, a very accessible example of regarding the classical tradition with a modern eye. The kaleidoscopic visual effects are a joy to behold.

In the Indian legend, Sita is given to Prince Rama in marriage after Rama conquers the other princely suitors for her hand. No sooner is Rama appointed crown prince than he falls victim of a plot that sends him into banishment for fourteen years. Sita accompanies her husband, but is abducted shortly afterwards. With the aid of friendly gods, Rama sets off in pursuit and, following a dangerous struggle, succeeds in freeing her. Rama and Sita return to their home where Rama is made king. But soon after this Rama begins to doubt his wife’s fidelity and casts her out. Sita undergoes a fire test to prove her steadfastness, survives unscathed and returns to Rama.

Visit VIFF website to reserve your seat.

“Captivating, mesmerizing, spellbinding — I’ll throw everything in the movie-critic book at this animated feature.” JR Jones, Chicago Reader

“Affecting, surprising and a lot of fun.” AO Scott, New York Times

“Both heartfelt and consistently witty... the type of low-fi animated musical that puts Disney to shame.” Filmmaker

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